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American Nationals
Mt Hood Keeshond Specialty


We are very proud of our little crew.
Entered were Sweeper, Homer and their sister Lacy (owned by Wendi Venible) and Kat (whom we got from Wendi)

Mt Hood Specialty:   Sweeper - 4th Open Male
Lacy - 4th Open Female
Homer and Sweeper - 1st in Brace
American National Specialty:   Sweeper - 2nd Open Male
Lacy - 4th Open Female
Homer and Sweeper - 2nd in Brace


Sweeper winning 2nd Open Males, US Keeshond Nationals 2006.
Judge Ed Bivin.

I will insert Sweepers show photo here as soon as I get it scanned.


Part of the wonderful decorations at the show.

Pretty little Lacey

Wendi showing Lacey

Wendi showing Kat

         Lacey        Kat                                                                Homer          Sweeper

Kat and Lacey

Homer and Sweeper

The Keeshond

Our Family

Beautiful Babies

Wags and Brags

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